Madrid has become, today, one of the capitals of the world. Its impressive cultural calendar hosts the best and most important events in the field of exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural activities; neighborhoods such as Malasaña are positioned as the vanguard of modernity and the historical past of the city and its gastronomy complete this cocktail, that makes the most important city in Spain a suitable place for a getaway.

Precisely in these last two characteristics of Madrid – its history and its food – there is a perfect union to make an itinerary to taste (and literally) the best flavor of the city: a small tour of tapas and beers through the Madrid of the Austrians.

The Madrid of the Austrians

Traditionally, Madrid de los Austrias receives its name from all those buildings and monuments that date from the time when the Habsburg dynasty ruled in Spain. From King Carlos I, who came to the throne in 1516, to Carlos II, who abandoned the crown in 1700. Five monarchs were in charge of creating a Madrid with an imperial air and magnificent architecture.

Constructions, such as the Plaza Mayor, the Palacio de Oriente, the Puerta del Sol, the Palacio de Santa Cruz and other monuments that form what today could be called the city's tourist center date from these times. In fact, most city tours go through these neighborhoods of Madrid, as they are the most attractive to tourists.

The most interesting thing is that, around these neighborhoods of Madrid, a large number of restaurants have grown that are recommended as the best option to make an exquisite Tapas route through Madrid.

In this way, you can make a trip that is a true fusion of culture and gastronomy. The ideal in this sense is to have located the most interesting places in each area and, as they are visited, make a 'technical stop' to regain strength.

Some of the places you should not miss

Very briefly we will point out some of the restaurants and bars that cannot be missed on this tour. To do this, there is nothing better than being based on the real experiences that other clients leave on the network.


Bar Korgi

The first place that should be noted as essential is the Korgui Bar, a modern place very adapted to these times located in a very central place, but at the same time, quiet and private.

Its cuisine mixes the most Mediterranean flavors with oriental and Mexican cuisine. It's on Calle Rollo, number 8 .


Taberna Rayuela

And from a modern and new place to another that combines all the flavor of tradition with a touch of the avant-garde. The Rayuela tavern is one of the best tapas and pinchos restaurants in the Royal Palace area. It is located in the middle of Calle la Morería, nº8 and it is a meeting place for many people from Madrid, which is a very good clue that the cuisine is good.


Casa Maria

This gastronomic walk through Madrid cannot be closed without one of the rich and traditional squid sandwiches. We will opt for Casa María, a modern place, but one that has managed to understand very well the secret of this type of sandwich.

These are some of the best-tasty places in this wonderful Madrid de los Austrias, but there are many options that can be found when walking through the magnificent legacy of these Spanish kings.


Also, as a perpetual evocation, there are dozens of plaques on the ground that show the name and some personal data of Jews that were eliminated in the final solution. It is a way of bearing witness to the horror, of not forgetting the mistakes of the past.