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This former military fortress of the Hungarian Austro Empire, in the city Theresienstadt, was converted into a prison and concentration camp by the Nazis during their occupation between 1940 and 1945.

It is shocking to see that its walls and moats remain intact. A heartbreaking area, which is certainly necessary to visit in honor the thousands of humans who lost their humble lives for the evil Nazis.

Among many things, we will see and talk about:

The History of the Third Reich and how they deceived the entire world with their false propaganda, by presenting this converted fortress as a model of Jewish settlement.

With the Nazi Propaganda they wanted to camouflage these murders, making a film about the good life that the Jews had under their protection.

The Crematorium made thousands of bodies disappear. It became operational in September 1942.

We will visit their last place before being killed, the Ceremonial Hall , where the Jewish families had their last goodbye.

The Columbarium, a type of ash archive to make the international world believe they had respect for the memory of the Jews.

You will be impressed to see the Barracks of Magdeburg, which today is a museum not to forget the tragedy lived, in addition to appreciating the artistic soul of the Jews and their hopes.

The Small Fortress, armored baroque, consigned as a prison for politicians and enemies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was subsequently used in 1940 and under the control of the Gestapo, to lock up the enemies of the Third Reich.

Impressive visit to the Monument to the National Suffering, nowadays named Terezín Memorial, a cemetery with more than 10,000 graves.


  • The Columbarium
  • Jewish Prayer Room
  • The Austrian Fortress
  • Former SS Camp Headquarters
  • Former Prison Cells
  • Former Jewish Dormitories
  • Former Ghetto Guards Station
  • Railway to Auschwitz
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Additional Information

Only a maximum of 19 people is allowed per reservation. Multiple bookings are not accepted. For groups of more than 19 people, there is the option of booking a private tour, which you can request by filling in the following contact form.


  • Bus transport
  • Guide
  • Museum of the Ghetto
  • Small Fortress


We will only refund those reservation cancellations, which are made at least 48 hours before the stipulated time of the tour.

Meeting point

Premiant City Tours booth at Na Příkopě 23



Adults: 55 €

Students: 50 €

Children up to 12 years old: Free


5 Hours



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