Free walking tours in Athens

Ancient Legacy's Grace

In Athens, where gods and wisdom meet, A poem unfolds, so rich, so sweet. Its cobbled streets, a history's throng, A legacy's echo, both ancient and strong.

The Acropolis high, with secrets untold, Like ancient gods, in marble, bold. Its whispers of heroes, myths, and more, A timeless tale of days of yore.

The Agora's heart, democracy's birth, Where columns fell, and voices found worth. Plaka's charm, with tavernas' grace, Welcomes with a smile on every face.

Mount Lycabettus, where the sun's embrace, Kisses the city, with golden grace. In Athens, where art and wisdom convene, A beacon of culture, forever serene.

A city that endures through time's embrace, An eternal ode to beauty and grace.

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