Terms and conditions

FreeTour.tours is an online website that targets both travellers and tour providers.

We ask travellers to carefully read our terms and conditions, which are stipulated below, before making any reservation, accept the same to continue with your reservation.

1. Our company

  • The function of FreeTour.tours is to act as an intermediary between travellers and tour providers, company that arranges and completes the tour. FreeTour.tours does not have its own tour guides and will not be responsible for any problem caused during the tour that will be made, it is exclusively limited to offering travellers tours reservations or excursions to the corresponding providers.
  • FreeTour.tours offers a wide variety of tours on its website of European tour providers. In no case freeTour.tours will assume any responsibility concerning the quality or information of the service provided by the guides or providers.
  • FreeTour.tours will not be responsible for or under any circumstance of damage, theft or any physical or material incident that may occur in the realization of tours made by providers.

2. Our Tour Providers:

  • The tourism providers that collaborate with FreeTour.tours are governed by their terms and conditions.
  • MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PEOPLE: The minimum number of people to be able to make a tour depends mainly on the tour. As a general rule, the minimum group ranges from 4 to 6 people. All our suppliers are committed to informing travellers, (although they are not obliged to) when a tour does not meet the minimum group of people required and cannot be performed.
  • CANCELLATION OF A BOOKED TOUR: The providers of the tours offered by FreeTour.tours on their web page, reserve the right to cancel a tour if they deem it necessary. This can mainly occur due to force majeure, be it weather conditions, technical inconveniences or setbacks of guides.

3.Our Travellers

  • To make a reservation through the website of FreeTour.tours the traveller must be of legal age, as well as having accepted the terms and conditions as well as the policy of our company.
  • To guarantee attendance and confirmation of the place of a paid tour, the traveller must pay a certain percentage in the realization of the reservation, which will be indicated in their confirmation or justification, as well as on the website. It is the only way for FreeTour.tours to book a place of the paid tour.
  • Reservations made by travellers for free tours are completely free of charge, i.e. FREE.


  • The cancellation policy of the paid tours is specific to each tour and provider, this can be seen on the same tour card/section at the time of booking. That is to say, each tour has its cancellation and refund period, you accept these conditions when making the reservation.
  • The traveller also agrees to inform FreeTour.tours with a minimum advance period of 24 hours in case he cannot attend a free tour.
  • If the traveller, for any reason, does not show up for the booked paid tour and without prior notice, the amount of the reservation will not be refunded.
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