Free walking tours in Bergen

The Pearl of the Fjords

Bergen, Norway's gem, where dreams unfurl, Amidst fjord's beauty, a breathtaking world. Nestled on the western coast's embrace, A city of charm in a picturesque place.

Wooden houses, painted hues so bright, Along the shores, they catch the light. Reflecting in Norway's fjord's serene, A mesmerizing sight, a tranquil scene.

Stroll through Bryggen, the heart's olden core, To distant times, it transports you for sure. Merchants wove tales on each timbered wall, In this historic city, they stood tall.

Mountains surround with secrets to share, Nature's whispers fill the air. Fløibanen's funicular, a climb so divine, Where the air is fresh, and the views, divine.

Grieghallen's chords, seafood's scent in the air, A gastronomic symphony, beyond compare. Bergen, where culture and nature entwine, In Norway's cold, a dream's design.

NEAR Bergen?

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