Free walking tours in Florence

Eternal Art

Florence, a Renaissance gem, in Italy's heart, Unfolds its charms like a magical art chart. Its cobbled streets whisper secrets untold, As the Arno River's elegance does enfold.

In this Tuscan wonder, grand and divine, Rises Santa Maria del Fiore's design. Brunelleschi's dome reaches for the sky, An architectural marvel that captures the eye.

Uffizi's galleries treasure Botticelli's grace, Da Vinci's brilliance, and Michelangelo's embrace. Art comes to life in each stroke and hue, In Florence's heart, a timeless view.

Ponte Vecchio, with houses hanging in air, Ornate jewelers' shops, a sight so rare. Piazza della Signoria, where history meets, With a modern touch on its cobbled streets.

In Florence, espresso scents softly blend, With classical notes, the plazas transcend. The soul is intoxicated at every turn, A city of eternal charm, where hearts can yearn.

NEAR Florence?

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