Free walking tours in Oslo

Tranquil Beauty Unveiled

Oslo, modern coastal city, by the fjord's embrace, Awakens like a wintertime dream and summer's grace. Its streets, time's silent witnesses, echo tales untold, Of a nation's journey through ages, its spirit, bold.

The Royal Palace, regal, in Slottsplassen, stands tall, Guarding secrets of monarchs, their stories on the wall. Munch's museum, where screams and whispers combine, A corner of profound expression, where emotions entwine.

Oslo's fjord, serene and blue, stretches far and wide, An endless mirror to the horizon, an eternal guide. Parks and forests like Vigeland and Nordmarka's green, Offer urban respite, a natural world, rarely seen.

Aker Brygge, a modern port, where flavors and views unite, Delights the senses, from morning's dawn to the night. Oslo, where past and future in harmony reside, A tranquil Norwegian melody, in your embrace, we confide.

NEAR Oslo?

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