Free walking tours in Strasbourg

Historic Beauty

It's a city as welcoming as it is fascinating, nestled in the heart of Europe. A destination that enchants every visitor.
Its historic center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a magical tale with its timber-framed houses lining charming streams.

Exploring the majestic Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame with its famous astronomical clock will leave you in awe. The charm of La Petite France, with its cobblestone streets and colorful houses, is irresistible.

You can't miss the seat of the European Parliament or the Rohan Palace, home to three exceptional museums. Canal cruises reveal the city from a unique perspective.

Alsatian cuisine is a delight, and its Christmas markets are legendary. Strasbourg is a melting pot of cultures and a beacon of European integration, a city that touches the soul with its authenticity and timeless charm.

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