Free walking tours in Turin

Alpine Grace

Turin, a city enigmatic and refined, Nestled by the Alps in Italy's design. Its streets tell tales of grandeur and might, Of empires and kings, a majestic sight.

Mole Antonelliana, a beacon of art, Where culture and knowledge find their start. The Po River whispers secrets untold, Beneath ancient bridges, a story unfolds.

In Piazza Castello, the Royal Palace shines, With opulence and treasures, in regal lines. The Saboy Chapel, an artistic trove, In Turin's embrace, the heart of art and love.

Aroma of coffee, cafes with allure, Gianduja chocolate, a taste so pure. The fervor for football, Juventus' song, In Turin's passion, we all belong.

Birthplace of cinema, and cars that gleam, An open-air museum, a visionary dream. In every corner, each square and lane, Turin's charm and elegance forever remain.

NEAR Turin?

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