Free walking tours in Zagreb

Warm and Lively

Zagreb, Croatia's treasure among the hills so green, Unfolds its charms like a modern fairy tale scene. Cobbled streets whisper tales of days of old, While the gentle Sava River in its serenity flows.

The Upper Town, Gornji Grad, holds history's core, Where St. Mark's Church displays colors galore. Lotrščak Tower watches time pass with grace, In Ban Jelačić Square, vibrant spirits embrace.

Markets like Dolac, a feast for the senses to find, With colours and aromas that wonderfully bind. Museums and galleries awaken the artistic soul, Maksimir Park, a natural refuge, makes one whole.

Mount Medvednica, in its lofty embrace, Watches over the city, a guardian's grace. Zagreb, where history and modernity unite, A symphony of beauty and character, a true delight.

NEAR Zagreb?

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