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This tour is offered under two themes “Upper City and Lower City”.

Lower City - 10:30 AM

We will begin this tour from the historic center of Brussels, the Grand-Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. There on site, we will tell you about its history and the definition of the facades of its impressive buildings.

During the journey we will see the monument to Éverard t’Serclaes located on Charles Buls and La Senne.

Our guide will tell you some curiosities of the corners of the city, such as the islet Saint-Géry and the Halles Saint-Géry, considered part of the Belgian culture.

We will show you one of the emblems of this city, the Manneken Pis, relieving you some other legend, “It is said that the model sculpted, in this particular statue, was a boy who urinated on a torch with which the enemy forces intended to burn the city "

Continuing our walk, we will to show you the Church of The Notre-Dame de Bon Secours church with a route to El Zinneke Pis, crossing the Sainte-Catherine Square and its church, the black tower, the old Beguinage and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church as well as the fascinating Anspach Boulevard.

We will cross two captive squares, the Plaza De Brouckère and the Plaza de la Moneda, key points of Belgian real history.

Meet the royal galleries, built in 1846 commissioned by the king to protect the inhabitants of Brussels from the rain during their purchases. They are a symbol of Belgium, they were the first commercial galleries in Europe.

Enjoy the best of this neighborhood called "popular, in the lower part of Brussels"

Places we will visit during the tour of the Lower City:

  • The Grand-Place (main square of Brussels),
  • The monument to Éverard t’Serclaes located on Charles Buls street
  • The Manneken Pis
  • The Notre-Dame de Bon Secours church
  • Anspach Boulevard
  • La senne
  • The islet Saint-Géry, the reconstruction of the old arm of the Senne,
  • The Halles Saint-Géry
  • The Zinneke Pis
  • Sainte-Catherine Square and its church
  • Black tower
  • The old beguinage and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church
  • Brouckère Square
  • The Currency Square
  • The Royal Galleries
  • Charles Buls Square


Upper City - 15:30 PM

Get to know the upper city, listening to the history of medieval Brussels, the Habsburg house and the role of the Catholic church, from its beginning to the current days.

We will begin this tour from the shopping center of Brussels, the Grand-Place, in front of the town hall. Meet the Saint Hubert Gallery and the famous restaurant la mort subite.

We continue visiting the great Gothic building, the Cathedral of San Miguel and Santa Gúdula, patrons of this city.

We will walk to admire the square and the Royal Palace, surrounded by nineteenth-century Neoclassical buildings, considered one of the key points of Belgian real history.

You will know the headquarters of the Belgian monarchy, which is located in the upper part of the city, the Royal Palace, being recognized as one of the most transcendental buildings in Belgium.

Meet the old Brussels Palace that was built between the first half of the 11th and the second of the 12th century on the Coudenberg hill, The Coudenberg Palace.

 A place full of history from the Spanish era in Flanders.

We will make an inevitable stop at the Mount of Arts, museum area with stunning views, visiting the Museum of Music Instruments, the Palace of Charles de Lorraine, the Magritte museum and the Palace of Fine Arts.

We will continue through the Neighborhood of the Antique Shops, through the neighborhoods of "El Petit Sablon and the Grand Sablon".

Finish this tour in the most representative symbol of Brussels, The Manneken Pis, a statuette that perfectly embodies the rebellious spirit of Brussels.

Places we will visit on the tour of the Upper City:

  • Brussels history
  • The Grand-Place, the power of merchants
  • The Saint Hubert Gallery
  • The famous restaurant la mort subite
  • The Cathedral of Saints-Michel-et-Gudule (inside visit: the stained glass windows of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and the patronage of the family of Charles V, the pulpit of truth)
  • The Park, the Palace, the Royal Square
  • The Coudenberg Palace
  • The Museum of Music Instruments (Art Nouveau)
  • The Charles de Lorraine Palace, the Magritte Museum and the Palace of Fine Arts
  • The Petit Sablon and the Grand Sablon
  • Rollebeek Street
  • Dinant Square
  • The Manneken Pis

Reservations must be made at least 2 hours in advance before the start of the tour.

It includes

  • Professional guide in English
  • Free tasting of the best Belgian chocolates
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Additional Information

Only a maximum of 7 people is allowed per reservation. Multiple bookings are not accepted. For groups of more than 7 people, there is the option of booking a private tour, which you can request by filling in the following contact form.

Meeting point

Grand-Place in front of the City Hall.



Free (based on tips)


2h 30m



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2 opinions
Our guide was Mario and he did his job in a such a good way :). It was super interesting and we loved his sense of humour :)
I booked 2 tours of Brussels and I enjoyed the first one quite a bit. The second one didn't happen because it was just me who showed up. Even the guide didn't come. So the tour was canceled. Anyway it is not a free tour because the guides expect tips in the end and it is not easy to refuse giving one, cause "thats the only salary they get and they spent their time touring you around" and so on. Apart from thinking "free" and "voluntary tipping" I would say it was an excellent experience.
freeTour.tours responseFirst and foremost, thank you very much for taking the time to send us your assessment of the tour. Only with comments like yours are we able to see where we have to work harder. After reading your email, we were as disappointed as you have probably been, therefore we have forwarded your comments to our collaborator and his reply neither has contented us. The responsible guide had simply forgotten that he had 1 customer for the tour. In cases where tours are cancelled (for any reason), as a general rule we call our customers and inform them correspondingly. We are very, very sorry about your experience and ask you kindly to accept our apologies.