The capital of Denmark is a fairytale city that at Christmas, covered with a blanket of snow, looks like the real home of Santa Claus. Few cities in the world present a Christmas stamp like this, so visiting it during the most endearing holidays of the year is one of the best winter tourism plans you can choose, both with family and friends. Here is a small guide to the activities to do in Copenhagenduring your winter holidays.

Visit the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Among the things to do in Copenhagen at Christmas - and at any time of the year, we are not going to fool ourselves - is to pay a visit to the Little Mermaid, the emblem of the city and one of the most photographed statues in the world, since it was installed in 1909. You can take advantage and take a walk in the nearby Ostre Anlage Park, which in winter is even more beautiful due to the snow.

Christmas markets in Copenhagen

A classic of Danish Christmasis the markets, where you can browse or buy at their many craft stalls or fight the cold by giving yourself a good tribute based on sweets or liqueurs. The best-known Christmas markets in Copenhagen are those of Nyhavn(in the area of the old port), Nytorv(the most central of the city), Christiania(the most alternative), and the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, where you can also enjoy many others activities.

Tivoli Gardens

The Christmas season of this famous amusement park runs from November 14 to New Year's, being one of the favorite destinations for locals and strangers, and of all ages, at Christmas.

In Tivoli you can enjoy numerous attractions, as well as shops, restaurants, lakes, gardens, and a spectacular Christmas market, all amid the decorations and lights typical of these holidays. If you go with children, and if not also, you have to visit the village of Santa Claus, from which it seems that he is about to fly away the good-natured bearded man riding his reindeer sleigh.

Eating and drinking in Copenhagen at Christmas

If something characterizes these holidays, and not only in Denmark, it is the joy with which people eat and drink, often throwing months of a healthy diet overboard and increasing the curve of happiness and cartridge belts. You have to enjoy life and there will be time to resume the sacrifices later.

In Copenhagen, you should not miss out on trying the delicious "pebernodder", typical Christmas pepper cookies, highly spiced, and with nuts, flour, and butter, which are a pure delight. And to make them go down the throat better,a good and spicy mulled wine,the glogg, a classic in Danish winter celebrations, with which you will take away the cold (perhaps not the hiccups) and with which you can toast the new year, which is about to start.

New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

If you're going to spend the last night of the year in the Danish capital, you can't miss the Queen's speech (even if you don't understand anything, but you have to respect tradition), at about 6 in the afternoon and, after dinner, head to to the Town Hall Square,the Radhuspladsen, where the clock on its tower will strike 12 chimes (as in the Puerta del Sol, in Madrid), and the year will be greeted withspectacular fireworks.

Have a merry Christmas and, if you see Santa in Copenhagen, greet him and remind him not to forget us around here.