Tasting the typical dishes of each place has become one of the essential objectives of today's traveller, with the Sevillian capital being discovered as a key destination for the great Andalusian cuisine and the number of visitors who come to taste its abundant and particular flavours increasing year after year. Eating in Seville is good, nice and cheap if you know where to go.

Sevillian gastronomy

The culinary art of Seville is not found in the great compositions but looks beyond the complexity to show the love for the land and its resources, feelings rooted in the Andalusian tradition, which are expressed in abundance in its Mediterranean dishes, combining the generality of Andalusian preparations and signing them with the frugality of the Flemish ink of the Guadalquivir.

Thus, the set of Sevillian meals is expressed above all in its famous tapas, which include in their corresponding portions a wide variety, both winter and summer, of seasoned salads, as well as stews and fried dishes, using fish and seafood in an exquisite way, as well as cooking chicken, pork, lamb or veal, always with good oil from the region and the never absent olives of the region.

Typical Seville dishes

Divided between the mild winter and the hot summer, the diversity of dishes on the Seville menu is as colourful as the costumes and dresses of the Feria de Abril, making eating in Seville an art form, surrounded by its terraces, its people and its atmosphere. Some of its famous recipes are:

l Gazpacho andaluz: the famous "cold soup", the result of crushing tomato, cucumber and pepper with oil, garlic and vinegar, is one of the most delicious summer flavours to cool the body in the sunny months.

lEnsaladilla rusa: the historic ensaladilla, with a traditional twist of cooked carrots and potatoes, with a little garlic and lemon, finishing with a combination of hard-boiled egg and tuna, all tossed with the essential homemade mayonnaise.

l Huevos a la Flamenca: a tasty dish, created from diced potato and tomato, with peas and sweet red peppers, adding a chorizo sausage as the cherry on top and a fried egg on top.

l 'Pescaito' frito: slices of hake, squid or anchovy, which after being dredged in flour are fried, leaving a golden layer of aftertaste that can be sprinkled with lemon juice.

l Salpicón de marisco: a combination of diced onion, tomato and pepper, with octopus, crab or squid sticks, and a dash of olive oil and salt.

l Rabo de toro (oxtail): a delicious feast made with bits of bull's meat, seasoned with garlic and bay leaves, and accompanied by leeks, onions and carrots, which, together with its broth, make it a mouthful of the gods.

Eating cheaply without leaving the centre

The old town is full of bars and restaurants that will make you doubt where to eat in Seville because the high tourist index has managed to extol a myriad of offers and possibilities to take away your appetite. However, if you prefer to spend your budget on museums, visits, and tablaos (flamenco spectacles), you will be pleased to know that there are many places to eat in Seville to satisfy your appetite and eat, as they say in the city, whatever they put in front of you, at a more than affordable price.


Casa Antonio, "Los Caracoles"

On the edge of the Plaza de la Alfalfa, you will find in this establishment the attention with the saltiness and friendliness that you would expect. The portions are very good and almost overflowing, where you can either eat tapasor choose from their excellent midweek menu.


Bar Alfalfa

A few steps away from the first one we come across this classic style bar, which has an extensive number of tapas, and a succulent combination of good service and appetizing food, where we will be made to feel enormously welcome.


House "La Viuda"

A 5-minute walk from the first two, it is an excellent place to eat in Seville centre, where the ideal decision is to go for tapas, which with their good quantities make "La Viuda" one of the best bars in relation to quality and price.


Taberna Coloniales

Next to the cathedral, this tavern is one of the best known for its quick service and low prices. All this, added to the warmth of its waiters and its picturesque interior, elevates it to the top of the must-visit gastronomic destinations in Seville.


Today's world allows us to know the opinion of a huge number of people about the outstanding places to visit and the different corners where to taste the popular food, as well as having at our fingertips the best guides to know all the secrets and corners of a city like Seville. This is why this beautiful city is a must for anyone who is a lover of good food and Andalusian folklore.